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Sarah, Y6 Performworks Parent

My daughter has enjoyed  just over a year of LAMDA, and looks forward to it every week. The teachers are fun, creative and encouraging. The lessons vary each week, allowing for different acting techniques to be explored. I was very impressed with the focussed approach towards preparations for my daughter's LAMDA exams - she felt confident and well prepared.

Aashish, Y2 Performworks Parent

'We have seen a positive change in my child's confidence socially as she has progressed through  LAMDA classes and find her engaging more proactively with adults/ our friends in a social environment. She is now able to use expressions and tones  to project her voice more clearly and dramatically,  She speaks very highly of her Performworks  Teachers and how encouraging they always are.'


Irene, Y2 Performworks Parent

An amazing journey! Wonderful teachers who know the children very well and can spot and nurture their individual talents and strengths. My daughter has been attending LAMDA classes for 2 years and she had grown so much in confidence! The team are warm, professional and caring and all clearly very talented themselves. They go above and beyond in my view. I would highly recommend the LAMDA classes.

Romina, Y3 Performworks Parent

'My child loves LAMDA and it’s been fascinating to watch her confidence grow so quickly. She now speaks clearly, has stopped looking at the floor and engages with children and adults during conversations. There is also a lot of singing and reciting happening at home as she practices what she is learning in classes. The teachers are fantastic and inspire the children to get the best performance out of them! The classes are always fun and are a big highlight of each week. 'Romina, Performworks Parent

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